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The Talyllyn Steam Locomotive Book

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The Talyllyn Steam Locomotive Book
Second Revised Edition
There has never been any shortage of books about steam locomotives - and no other subject can have been discussed so many times at so great a length on the Talyllyn Railway. But detailed written information on locomotive operation is far more scarce. Among the mass of railway books churned out each year, very few contain much of any direct use to the steam loco volunteer. There seemed to be scope for a book on TR loco operating practice in greater depth than previously available, and here it is.

The Talyllyn Steam Locomotive Book has sections on the different grades, shed work, Locomotive Cleaning, How the Steam Engine Works, Locomotive Firing, Duty Shedman and train operation with general background and servicing information on the engines.

It is now thirteen years since this book was first published. In the intervening period, a new generation of loco volunteers has taken to footplate work on the Talyllyn. This new edition gives the opportunity to bring the book up to date, as well as adding the long-promised air brake section.
In a move embracing modern technology, this second edition has gone multi-media. A new section on line knowledge (based on information in the General Appendix) will make this information available for the first time to more junior grades who are not blessed with being issued with a personal copy of the GA. This section and the Historical Survey from the first edition are available as downloads from the TROPS web site.
The Steam Loco Book is now available priced
(7.00 for students in full time study)
from the following people:

In Tywyn a supply will be kept at Pendre to be available from the Loco Inspectors.

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