Rheilffordd Talyllyn Railway Operations

About this site

The text in these pages have been produced by Bill Heynes. The Roster information has directly come from those who have compiled the rosters.

The roster information is accurate as to when it was posted on the site, but I can not be held responsible for last minute changes, which are as result of changes made due to cancellations.

This is not an official web site, and the views expressed here do not represent either the Talyllyn Railway Company or the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society. This web site is aimed for internal use by Talyllyn Volunteers.

Thanks go to Phil Hassall, I copied his animated picture "GIF" idea, which can be seen on the home page.

Thanks also go to the Richard Huss for allowing me to use the Talyllyn Railway picture "JPG" used on the links page, to link this site with the official Talyllyn Website.


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